Love is ❤

Baby don't leave me , I know you still love me.

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I try to close my heart
but I can’t
Endless pain, tears shed again
Like my tears, I hope you be happy
because love has already been destroy.

                                                                            - M&M

I don’t know , you should tell me.

I don’t know , you should tell me.

“Me gustaría
mirar todo de lejos
pero contigo.”

—   Mario Benedetti (via poesiaespanol)

(Source: poesiaespanol, via poesiaespanol)

I don’t know why
The more I erase you with tears
The clearer you get
Don’t go away
When the long night passes and sun shines
I hope my warmth from my fingertips reaches you
My everything, my destiny
My heart keeps going to you
When I open my eyes, let me hear it
Let me hear you saying I love you 

Sweet melody          

We could have had it all <3